Barcelona ferries to Ibiza, Menorca & Majorca

Barcelona is a common transit point for anyone wanting to travel to the Balearic Islands. Whether you simply want to visit the amazing beaches or escape for a weekend to an exotic island for a getaway to put your feet up and let your hair down then Ibiza, Menorca, Majorca or Formentera are the islands for you.

Ibiza by Philip Larson Ibiza by Philip Larson

You may want a crazy getaway with a few late nights in the intense clubs of Ibiza or alternatively are looking for that relaxing weekend away where you can lie carefree on the tranquil beaches of Menorca sipping on a mojito. Whatever your motives, there are many ferries that depart from Barcelona to each of these islands.

There are three main companies that offer ferry services once or twice a day from either Barcelona, Palma Majorca, Denia and Alicante to the Balearic Islands.

Note: The only way to get to Formentera is by ferry from Ibiza as there is no airport on the island. Furthermore there is also a high-speed ferry from Barcelona to Majorca which lasts three hours and 45 minutes.

Most ferries depart at night around 23:00 and arrive in the morning around 06:30 depending on the type of ferry and island you are going to. Generally speaking, fares range from about 50 € one way per person to around 425 € for cars but this is largely dependant on many factors such as season, how far you book in advance etc.

Advantages of ferries
• You can travel with a vehicle to your destination
• An overnight ferry also includes one night of accommodation
• You can take in the ocean view of the Mediterranean as well as see the sunrise or sunset over the horizon

Disadvantages of ferries
• Takes a long time
• The overnight ferry can be quite uncomfortable and expensive if you want a bed
• It can be difficult to find specials like ¨last minute offers¨ as you can with planes

I personally went to Menorca from Barcelona in a ferry with Iscomar. I booked a return ferry two months in advance for two in economy class (the cheapest option) with our motorbike which all up was 270€. I must admit the overnight ferry to Menorca, which departed at 23:00 and arrived at 07:00, was not very pleasant as the bathrooms were rather dirty and the seats weren’t the most comfortable which didn’t make it easy to sleep. So to anyone who is a little bit older or doesn’t want to put up with a sleepless night, then I would definitely recommend paying more for an overnight bed.

The getaway you need. Photo by: Tomasz Nowak

However, the return ferry to Barcelona was much better. It departed at 12:00 during the day and they played a movie and you were free to go out onto the deck and enjoy the ocean breeze and take in the beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea.

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